Minor Field Studies (MFS)

Are you coming to the end of your higher education and want to improve your knowledge of global development issues? Take the chance to participate in Minor Field Studies (MFS) in a developing country.

Minor Field Studies (MFS) is for students who are reaching the end of their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and can gather material for their degree essay on-site in a developing country. This means that a MFS-student could study issues of economic, social, political or knowledge-based development in the country he or she travels to for at least eight consecutive weeks.

A MFS study can be done in all academic fields, from the humanities to social sciences. One aim of the scholarship programme is to prepare students for working in global contexts and organisations.

A MFS student receives a stipend of 27,000 krona to cover some of the costs of the oversea stay.

What are the application requirements?

To be able to apply for a MFS grant, you must have completed at least 150 credits when you start  the MFS and  have not started a doctoral (third cycle) level education, have good English skills and be a Swedish citizen or have permanent residency in Sweden.

The degree essay that is the result of your MFS must be written in English or the official language of the host country.


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Application Minor Field Studies 2017/18

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Some things that are good to know before applying for a MFS grant

Students who have permanent residency in Sweden or double citizenship (Sweden and another country) may not undertake MFS in the other homeland.

Students from other Nordic countries, who are not Swedish citizens, must have been resident (registered) in Sweden for at least a year on the date they are granted the stipend.

No students who apply for MFS may have previously been awarded an MFS grant or other SIDA-financed grant for the type of study covered by the application. However, experience from studying or volunteer work in developing countries is no barrier to receiving a grant.

Grant amounts and budget

In 2017, the MFS grant is 27,000 krona per student. The grant is not intended to cover all expenses during the time abroad, it usually needs to be supplemented by other student financing. Your application must include a preliminary budget. This should contain information about:

•Travel to and from the country in which the study will be carried out (cheapest possible means of transport)

•Some living expenses (50 per cent of the overseas subsistence allowance)

•Any necessary trips within the country or region


•Any equipment costs

•Travel to and from the place where the preparatory course is given (Härnösand)

•Take the preparatory course before departure

All students who are awarded a MFS grant participate in an obligatory preparatory course. This course  covers Swedish development partnerships and issues relating to cultural encounters, health and safety, as well as information about the different countries.

The courses are held at SIDA Partnership Forum’s Centre in Härnösand. Registration takes place via a special MFS course registration system; see the below link.