Nytt Latinamerikaforum för internt samarbete

Stockholms universitet startar ett forum för lärosätets samarbete med Latinamerika. SU:s Latinamerikaforum är öppet för alla medarbetare som önskar ta del av information, erfarenhetsutbyte och delta i nätverk som rör samarbeten, forskning och utbyten med länder i Latinamerika.



Along the lines established by Stockholm University, the Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies, at the Department of Romance Studies and Classics, fosters and develops relationships with partners in Sweden and other countries within research and education.

  • Geopolitics, security and global perspective 2020-01-07 Andrés Rivarola was invited by SAAB, CMI, Group Strategy
  • Analysing recent popular mobilizations in Latin America 2020-01-07 Andrés Rivarola participated in a panel with Fredrik Uggla and Carmen Blanco, with the title, “Latinamerika mitt i stormen”
  • Iberoamericana – Record number of articles in 2019 2019-12-16 Iberoamericana – Nordic Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the journal published since 1977 by the Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies, is closing 2019 with a record number of publications. In 2019 Iberoamericana featured eight research articles, four book reviews and one special collection “Saber y teoría en la reflexion latinoamericana sobre regionalismo”, edited by guest-editor José Briceño-Ruiz.
  • Andrés Rivarola keynote speaker at CIALC 2019-12-11 Andrés Rivarola was invited as keynote speaker at an event organized by the Centro de Investigaciones sobre América Latina y el Caribe (CIALC)

Äntligen fred i Colombia?

Lecture given at the Annual meeting of the Association for Rehabilitation and Development (FRU)