Assistant Professor in Sociology of Law at the Institute of Latin American Studies, María Luisa Bartolomei, published a new article at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Oñati, Spain (Instituto Internacional de Sociologia Jurídica de Oñati, España.)

Bartolomei, Maria Luisa, 2015. La Dimensión Global y Sexual de la Ciudadanía en América Latina y los Derechos Humanos: El Caso Argentino. (The Global and Sexual Aspects of Citizenship and Human Rights in Latin America: the Case of Argentina), Oñati Socio-legal Series [online], 5 (2), 418-446.
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The paper discusses the issue of sexual violence against women during the past military dictatorships in Latin America, especially in Argentina, and some consequences in the current practice of their sexual and reproductive rights. It analyzes the extent the exercise of sexuality has a connection with the exercise of power, which organizes, manages, and prioritizes behavior depending on a political, social and cultural project, in a context of time and space. This means that the public and private, power and sexuality depend on the idea of the nation, class, race and religion, and consequently implies the political control of reproduction and the family model, including expressions of gender sexual violence. The paper discusses feminist theoretical concepts, such as the concept of gender and nation from an intersectional perspective (Yuval Davis), the idea of post colonialism and decolonization of feminism (Mohanty), and the relationship between gender and globalization (Fraser).
Key words
Sexual violence; crimes against humanity; feminism; sexuality; citizenship; Argentina