Financial capitalism has undergone profound changes since at least the 1970s, which made finance even more important for all dimensions of social life (in addition to its most obvious influence on economic processes). This seminar aims to present a geographical view of contemporary financial dynamics, through the presentation of research results on the "financialization of the Brazilian territory". Among the main changes that took place in this financialization process, we highlight: the centralization of capital market transactions in only one stock exchange (B3, based in São Paulo); the transformation of banking topology, which is less dependent on branches (and face-to-face services) and more intensive in the use of information technologies / online services; 3. the emergence of alternative forms of financialization, such as community banks and local currencies; 4. the diffusion of fintechs and digital banks in the Brazilian territory.

General information
: Researchers, PhD-candidates and Master students working with Latin American issues
Venue: Via Zoom - links will be sent one week before the seminar
Time: Friday 14:00 - 15:30
Structure: 40-45 minutes for presentation, 45 minutes for open discussion
Language: English
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The research seminar on Latin American studies is open to scholars interested in Latin American issues. 
It welcomes the presentation of papers from researchers and PhD students from different social science disciplines.