After a decade (2004-2015) in which different Latin American governments had adopted transgressive regulations for the media system, with the objective of correcting the concentration of property and audiences in the region, in recent years new governments, of opposite orientation, carry out a new turn, this time restorer, of the public policy of communications.

The restorative turn is contemporary with the acceleration of the process of "convergent concentration" of communications, in which the presence of large technological conglomerates such as Google and Facebook is combined with the growing convergence between the most powerful media groups and telecommunications companies.

The objective of the presentation is to describe the main orientations of communication policies in Latin America in the 21st century and to analyze their conflicts.

Martin Becerra is Professor at the National University of Quilmes and University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in communications policy and media regulation. He is also member of the CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas, Argentina). He holds a PhD and a MA. in Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).

Martín Becerra

Becerra is author of a number of books and articles on media policy. including: La concentración infocomunicacional en América Latina (2000-2015): nuevos medios y tecnologías, menos actores (ed. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, 2017); De la concentración a la convergencia. Medios, políticas y redes (ed. Paidós, 2015); Cajas mágicas: el renacimiento de la TV pública en América Latina with Ángel García Castillejo, Óscar Santamaría y Luis Arroyo (Tecnos, Madrid, 2013); and Wiki Media Leaks: La relación entre medios y gobiernos de América Latina bajo el prisma de WikiLeaks, with Sebastián Lacunza (Ediciones B, Buenos Aires, 2012).


Paola Sartoretto is Pos-doc in Communications at the Institute of Latin American Studies.

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Restauración: las políticas de medios en América Latina en tiempos de concentración convergente