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What will the change of administration in the US mean for the evolution of the relationship between China and Latin America? What are China's ambitions? How will the US deal with China's expansion under Biden, and will Latin America benefit or loose from the rivalry?

These questions and more will be discussed in this webinar.


Dr. Ana Soliz de Stange

Dr. Ana Soliz de Stange, Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg.
Author of (a.o.): Solíz de Stange, Ana (2019) Triangular Relations: China, Latin America, and the United States (2019)


Dr. Fabricio Rodríguez

Dr. Fabricio Rodríguez, Arnold Bergstraesser Institut, Freiburg.
Author of (a.o.): Rüland, Jürgen; Rodríguez, Fabricio (2020): Interregionalism, Global Governance and China's Relations with Latin America: A Theory Guided Analysis.
Rodríguez, Fabricio (2019): China y América Latina en la nueva normalidad. Elementos de análisis en perspectiva Sur-Sur. 


Profesor Benedicte Bull, SUM, University of Oslo.

Profesor Benedicte Bull


Organiser: Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies - NILAS

Contact: Dr. Christina Alnevall

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