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The Institute and the Library of the Institute of Latin American Studies is located on the 5th Floor of B and C House (Södra Huset), on the Frescati campus.


  • Andrés Rivarola Andrés Rivarola Puntigliano Director of the Institute, Assistant Professor in Economic history and Lecturer in Latin American Studies.
  • Edgar Zavala_LAI Edgar Zavala Pelayo Sociology of religion, Governmentality studies, Postcolonial theory, Religion and politics in Latin America, Political elites in Latin America.
  • Bild Fredrik Uggla jan 2014 Fredrik Uggla Political action and participation; political campaigns; institutional reform; Chile; Bolivia; Latin America
  • Tumnagel Luz-Paula Parra Research administrator / Lecturer
  • Magnus Lembke Magnus Lembke Lecturer, Research Secretary, studierektor för Latinamerikastudier / Director of Studies for Latin American Studies
  • Nubia Evertsson Nubia Evertsson State crime, corporate crime, tax avoidance, political corruption, electoral funding, citizen participation, private policing, whistleblowing, Colombia

Associated Scholars

  • SUOliv Charlotta Widmark Ansluten forskare
  • JorgeLaraBorges Jorge Lara Borges Political parties, Electoral campaigns, Political finance, Political corruption, Transparency, Electoral reforms, Democracy, Latin America, Scandinavian countries, The Swedish model and, Internationalization of local governments.
  • Manuela Nilsson Manuela Nilsson Affiliated Researcher
  • María Luisa Bartolomei_Docent Latinamerikastudier Maria Luisa Bartolomei Gender, globalization and Human Rights; Children and indigenous rights; Transnationalization of the Legal field; Legal Plurality; Argentina; Latin America
  • Mario Torres Mario Torres Jarrin Foreign policy and diplomacy, regional integration, inter-regionalism, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • ULLBERG_tumn_LAI affiliated researcher Susann Baez Ullberg disaster, environmental and medical anthropology; social memory and oblivion; and material culture, Argentina
  • SUOliv Thaïs Machado Borges Researcher, Associate professor (docent) in Social Anthropology
  • TorstenW Torsten B Wetterblad Development Economics, Social Protection ,Brazil, Chile,Bolivia, Latin America


Postal address:
Stockholms universitet
Institute of Latin American Studies
106 91 Stockholm

Visiting address:
Universitetsvägen 10 B, (hus B, plan 5)


Tel: 08-674 7119 & 08-16 2882
Fax: 08-15 65 82

Director of the Institute
Andrés Rivarola Puntigliano